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The Home Of The Official www.cryptobetsports.com Affiliate Program.

The goal of Crypto Bet Partners is to create effective, long-lasting relationships with its partners and affiliates. We think that if we give our partners a top-notch affiliate management experience, they will be able to make the most money from their traffic.

In addition to having skilled, informed, and professional account managers, we also have a wonderful commission structure, prompt pay-outs, and top-notch creatives that can help you effectively convert your traffic. Due to their considerable betting expertise, our account managers can help you with any questions you may have.


The more traffic an affiliate sends to us, the more money they will make. For instance, if you just send us a few First Time Depositing Players (FTD) each month, you will receive 25% of the players' Net Revenue. You will earn 40% commissions on the Net Revenue of those players if you send us over 50 FTDs each month. No negative carryover is paid on revenue share commissions. For a more in-depth discussion if you prefer a CPA or hybrid commission structure, please get in touch with us.

FTDs ( Per Month)                  Revenue Share (%)

1-10 FTDs
11-25 FTDs
26-50 FTDs
51+ FTDs


Q: What is an Affiliate Program?
A: In essence, it's a partnership between you (the Affiliate) and us (the Merchant), in which we pay you commission for directing traffic to us and ultimately users who sign up for Crypto Bet Sports through your website.

Q: Why should I work with Crypto Bet Partners?
A: You can earn money from your website by marketing the spectacular and distinctive www.cryptobetsports.com, which provides your users with casino, slots, live casino, and sports and eSports betting. It is free to join.

Q: How do I register?
A: All you have to do is click one of the "JOIN NOW" buttons on our website (www.cryptobetpartners.com), and you'll be sent to the Affiliate Registration Process. You will be able to login and access your tracking links and marketing assets after your account has been verified and approved, at which point you can add them to your website and start advertising Crypto Bet Sports.


Q: How do I make money?
A: You can receive a fixed commission for each verified real-money player as a CPA affiliate or a percentage of the net revenue produced by the users you send to www.cryptobetsports.com as a revenue share affiliate. Other deal structures are also possible.

Q: How can I determine my income?
A: This is shown in your Affiliate Program account, where you have access to a wealth of reporting choices to evaluate not only how much money you are currently generating and have made in the past months, but also the success of each campaign and marketing asset.


Q: How do I receive payment?
A: In order to be paid, you must earn more than €100 in a calendar month and make sure that your payment information, or the payment method you registered with when you signed up, is in your affiliate account. The fee will be carried over to consecutive months if your earnings are less than €100 until you have earned more than that amount.

Q: When will I be paid?
A: You can anticipate receiving your payment by the 15th of the next month if you earned more than €100 in a calendar month and made sure that your payment information was entered into your affiliate account.


Q: Where do I obtain my tracking links?
A: In the Affiliate Program, you can check through the campaigns to find your tracking links and banners. Once you've located what you're looking for, you can see the links that are currently active as well as the code that needs to be added to your website.

Q: How are players tracked?
A: Your unique tracking links created in your account are used to track players. using cookies. Your tracking link includes tracking parameters that associate the click with your affiliate account. When they sign up, a cookie is placed on their computer that collects this information. When a player creates a Crypto Bet Sports account using one of your tracking links, they are permanently associated with your account for all their subsequent activity.

Q: How does the reporting operate?
A: You may break down the data in a variety of reports in your affiliate account to view whatever you want. Numerous data fields are available, and everything is quite straightforward. This covers overall reporting of clicks, registrations, new customers making deposits, commission, and income; however, you may also segment this data by player.